5 Tips For Choosing A Coffee Machine

by | Apr 26, 2023

If you are considering offering hot beverages in your business, it’s important to invest in quality – both coffee machine quality and coffee quality. It’s important to consider how many cups you will need per day and also are you set up for plumbing or do you need a manual fill commercial coffee machine. Once you have considered these, we have outlined six simple tips to help you on your way to purchasing a commercial coffee machine.

Here are six simple tips to consider before making a purchase:

1. Size

Size is a crucial factor when searching for a commercial coffee machine. Firstly, the size of the machine – will it fit the space you have? Do you need any additional space for a fridge or water boiler? But also cup size is important to consider and if your coffee machine will dispense the size you require. Most commercial coffee machines can adjust cup size, however, it is important to note when searching as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to charge a standard price for a smaller (8oz) cup. Likewise, if you are offering coffee complimentary to customers, you may not want to offer 12oz cups as it may lead to half-empty cups being left around your business.

2. User Friendliness

When choosing the best commercial coffee machine for your business, it is important to consider who will be using the machine and how user friendly the coffee machine is to use. Most modern coffee machines will have a touchscreen interface making it easy to brew a great cup of coffee. It is important to consider how many drink options you offer – too many may be too confusing for customers, whereas in an office space, you may want to offer more options to suit employee preferences.

3. Control Options

Commercial coffee machines usually come in two different control options: Push Button or Paddle Control. Push Button coffee machines will grind and dispense your selected drink at the touch of a button. Paddle Control coffee machines are specifically espresso coffee machines and are manual – like you would see in most barista-style cafes.

4. Budget

Your budget will play a big part in your search for a commercial coffee machine. Domestic machines normally sit around €400 – €1000, however, for commercial coffee machines the cost increases and can start anywhere from €2,000 to over €10,000.

5. Aesthetics

The look of your coffee machine may not be the most important factor you consider when buying a coffee machine. However, it is important to factor this in when choosing the right coffee machine. Will the machine be customer-facing? If so, will it reflect your brand? Are you looking for a commercial coffee machine that creates a modern space in your office? Are you looking to create a café-style coffee area?

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At The Coffee Lady, finding a high quality commercial coffee machine that matches your needs is made simple. We offer a consultative approach to finding the best coffee machine, coffee and all the essential bits you need to create a great coffee experience.

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