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Here at The Coffee Lady our aim is to provide businesses around the country with the very best commercial coffee machines carefully selected by us to make sure they meet the needs of our clients.

Our range of commercial coffee machines are perfect for your office, canteen, trade counter, salon and much more. We offer a range of coffee machines to suit all business needs – whether that’s quality or low maintenance – we have something for all budgets!

Bean to Cup

Instant / Filter


We had ordered a coffee machine from an alternative coffee machine supplier recently. While waiting on delivery, we spoke to The Coffee Lady who asked us to consider a couple of key things in relation to the workings and maintenance of the machine we had ordered. They offered good advice and some options at no obligation.

We have since bought a machine from The Coffee Lady and couldn’t be happier with the quality of drinks but more importantly, an after-sales service we can rely on! Our advice if you are upgrading or getting your first machine, is to give The Coffee Lady a call!

Dublin Golf Club

Thanks so much to The Coffee Lady for their help upgrading our coffee machine. I think it’s important to let you know that purely because of the service you provide this is the reason I wouldn’t go beyond you. Everybody is so friendly and can’t ever do enough.

Car Dealership, Cork

The Coffees have improved,
Sales are up and our Customers
are Happy! Thanks to The Coffee Lady.

Paul, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Commercial Coffee Machines Vs Domestic Models

Before getting into the specifics and types of machines available, it’s useful to understand what sets commercial coffee machines apart from their domestic counterparts. 

In a nutshell, commercial coffee machines are designed for higher volume, durability, and consistency, and a capable of serving high quality coffee throughout the day. Whereas domestic machines tend to be smaller and more suited to personal use. Below are the key differences between commercial and domestic coffee machines.

Performance and Volume

Commercial Coffee Machines tend to be much larger with more capacity than domestic models. Commercial machines are designed to handle high volumes of coffee and continuous use.  They are often required to brew multiple cups of coffee simultaneously to meet the steady demand of a busy office or customers.

Domestic Machines are usually smaller and more compact since they are designed to fit in a home kitchen. They are built with lower volumes in mind, typically making one or two cups at a time and are not designed for heavy, continuous use throughout the day.

Durability and Build Quality

Commercial Coffee Machines are built using commercial grade materials to withstand heavy and the rigours of a commercial environment. They usually come with warranties and often feature durable components that can be easily serviced or replaced.

Domestic Machines are made with lighter materials and components that are not intended for heavy or continuous use. In a professional setting, they tend to wear out faster and have a much shorter lifespan. 

Advanced Features and Customisation

Commercial Coffee Machines usually offer advanced features and customisation options such as programmable settings, temperature control, and the ability to produce a variety of specialty coffee drinks. This allows for the production of consistent, high-quality coffee that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Domestic Machines will generally have simpler settings and fewer customisation options. They are designed for simplicity and ease of use at home, and tend to produce more basic coffee drinks.


Commercial Coffee Machines represent a larger initial investment, but due to their longevity, durability and efficiency can create savings for in the long-term. It should be thought of as an investment for your business. 

Domestic Machines, which are designed for personal use, are less expensive and more affordable. However, if used in a professional setting, they more create higher costs due to increased maintenance and replacement needs.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Commercial Coffee Machines require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure longevity and consistent coffee quality. Many models are designed for easy access to internal components for servicing.

Domestic Machines tend to be asier to maintain on a day-to-day basis but may not be designed for easy repair or servicing, leading to higher replacement costs.

Help Me Choose a Commercial Coffee Machine

Whether you manage an office, a hair salon, or a car showroom, investing in the right commercial coffee machine can have significant benefits for your business – from boosting staff morale and productivity, improving customer experience and satisfaction, and creating long-term savings for your business.

But how do you choose the right coffee machine for your business?

Choosing the right commercial coffee machine for your business will fully depend on your specific needs, preferences, and the size of your staff or customer base. Some of the key things to consider are:

  • Volume: Estimate the number of cups you need to serve daily.
  • Type of Coffee: Decide whether you want to offer espresso, filter coffee, or a variety of coffee drinks.
  • Space: Consider the amount of space you have available for the machine.
  • Budget: Factor in the initial cost, maintenance, and coffee supply costs.
  • Staff: Consider the skill level of your staff in operating the machine.

Our handy guides below will help you to better understand the options available (including bean-to-cup machines, instant/filter coffee machines, and rental coffee machines), and provide our top tips when choosing a commercial coffee machine for your office or business.

Which Commercial Coffee Machine Best Suits My Business?

Not sure which commercial coffee machine is right for your business? Answer these four key questions to help you make the best choice. From figuring out your budget to understanding how often the machine will be used, who’ll be operating it, and the nitty-gritty of cleaning and maintenance – ensure you pick the right machine for you.

Tips for Choosing a Commercial Coffee Machine

Looking for the perfect coffee machine for your business? Check out our five top tips for choosing a commercial coffee machine. Whether you’re setting up a café-style corner in your office or offering complimentary coffee to customers, these tips and insights will help you choose a machine that’s right for your business and requirements.

Commercial Coffee Machines: Instant vs Filter vs Bean-to-Cup

Confused about choosing between an instant, filter, or bean-to-cup coffee commercial machine for your business? Each has its advantages depending on what you value most – convenience, quality, or a balance of both. Check our guide to learn more about the different types of commercial coffee machines, and the best fit for your business.

1. What are the best commercial coffee machines in Ireland?

We’ve been in the business for over 50 years. Our goal has been to constantly stay ahead of our competition by continuously testing new commercial coffee machines for their quality and longevity. You have several options when considering which commercial coffee machine is right for your business. Bean-to-Cup coffee machines will offer you the greatest quality with freshly brewed coffee from beans. Filter coffee machines will offer you good quality coffee at speed and with lower maintenance than a fresh milk bean-to-cup coffee machine. Instant coffee machines will offer you low-cost coffee with minimal maintenance.

2. Do you need a commercial coffee machine for your business?

Our commercial coffee machines are suited to business premises with a lot of visitors or coffee-loving office staff. Our customers range from offices, canteens, trade counters, and salons to car showrooms and businesses that want to offer their customers an extra bit of quality care when visiting their premises. We would recommend a commercial coffee machine if you are looking to upgrade from offering hot water facilities and a commercial coffee machine will offer your business better value in the long run, compared to any smaller home coffee machines.

3. Do you provide training for commercial coffee machine maintenance?

Yes. We provide full training for staff onsite during installation. Usually, this covers day-to-day usage of the machine, drinks selection and quality/strength of drinks from the commercial coffee machine. We also take staff members through the cleaning process and any regular maintenance required to prevent any blockages or damage. Customers can always call us with any questions after installation!

4. What's the warranty on our commercial coffee machines?

We provide a full 12-month warranty on all new commercial coffee machines.

5. What are the benefits of using a commercial coffee machine?

Using a commercial coffee machine offers a range of benefits, especially for businesses or establishments that serve coffee to a large number of people. Here are some of the primary advantages:

Consistent Quality: Commercial coffee machines are designed to produce consistently good coffee, cup after cup. They maintain accurate water temperatures, pressures, and extraction times, ensuring that every serving tastes its best.

Higher Capacity: These machines can brew large quantities of coffee faster than most household machines. This is especially useful during peak service times.

Durability: Commercial machines are built to last. They’re designed to withstand heavy daily use, often featuring more robust components than household machines.

Customisable: Many commercial coffee machines come with customizable settings, allowing users to adjust brewing parameters like temperature, water volume, and brew time. This means a café, restaurant or any business can fine-tune their coffee to their liking.

Versatility: Many commercial machines are multi-functional and capable of producing various coffee drinks, including espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and more. Some also come with steam wands for frothing milk.

Efficiency: In businesses where time is money, the speed at which a coffee machine operates can make a difference. Commercial coffee machines can typically produce coffee quicker than their non-commercial counterparts.

Professional Appearance: A sleek and modern commercial coffee machine can enhance the aesthetic of a café, restaurant or any business, projecting an image of professionalism and attention to quality.

Economical in the Long Run: While the initial investment might be higher, the durability and efficiency of commercial coffee machines can result in cost savings over time, especially when compared to the cost of replacing less durable machines or losing business due to slow service.

Easy Maintenance: Many commercial coffee machines are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, with components that can be readily removed or replaced.

Safety Features: Commercial coffee machines have multiple safety features, including pressure relief systems and overheat protection, ensuring safe operation.

Training and Support: Manufacturers of commercial coffee machines often provide training for staff and ongoing support, helping businesses get the most out of their investment.

Eco-Friendly Options: Some modern commercial coffee machines come with energy-saving features or are designed to minimize water waste.

Scalability: As a business grows, commercial coffee machines can be easily upgraded or added to in order to meet increased demand.

For businesses like cafés, restaurants, hotels, car showrooms and offices, investing in a commercial coffee machine can improve service, offer consistent product quality, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

However, it’s essential to choose a suitable machine for the specific needs and volume of the establishment. At The Coffee Lady, we’re happy to discuss the best solution for your business, so get in touch with us today!

6. How much does a good commercial coffee machine cost?

It’s hard to say! Commercial coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes. For some businesses, a commercial coffee machine can be an extra revenue stream so quality will be important. Likewise, offices looking to offer coffee to employees may want a high-quality coffee selection. We’d recommend a Bean-to-Cup coffee machine!

For others offering complimentary coffee such as car showrooms, waiting rooms, salons etc, it could be speed or low maintenance that are more important. We’d recommend either a filter coffee machine or an instant coffee machine.

7. What should I consider before choosing a commercial coffee machine?

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together a list of 4 essential questions to consider before selecting a coffee machine. These questions cover aspects like your coffee preferences, the type of machine that suits your needs, budget considerations, and more.

How do I choose the best commercial coffee machine for my needs?

To help you choose the best commercial coffee machine for your business, we’ve copiled 5 Tips for Choosing a Coffee Machine. This guide offers practical advice on what to look for in a coffee machine, including factors like machine type, features, size, and your specific coffee needs.

What are the main differences between Instant, Filter, and Bean-to-Cup coffee machines?

Understanding the differences between various types of commercial coffee machines is important when selecting the right one for your business. Our article on Instant vs Filter vs Bean-to-Cup machines provides an in-depth comparison of these three popular types of commercial coffee machines. It covers aspects like the brewing process, the quality of coffee produced, convenience, and maintenance requirements.

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