Coffee Machines: Instant vs Filter vs Beans

by | Apr 26, 2023

Whether you’re looking to buy your first commercial coffee machine or if you’ve had a coffee machine and now want to upgrade, it can be difficult to navigate all the information around what coffee machine will be the best match for and your business. At The Coffee Lady, we believe in making great coffee, easy! So what is the best coffee machine for you?

Instant Coffee Machines

If you are considering buying a commercial coffee machine and wonder if an instant coffee machine will work for you, there are a few things to note. An instant coffee machine will offer you a range of hot beverages from black coffee, cappuccino and latte and most will provide hot water for tea. Although the quality of the drinks may not be up to the level of your local café, an instant coffee machine is both practical and cost effective. Usually they are lower maintenance and just require a water connection and power supply. Instant coffee may not be to everyone’s liking, but if you need to produce reliable cups, at speed, and just want to have something to offer employees or customers then an instant coffee machine can be a great first choice.

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Filter Coffee Machines

Filter coffee machines are usually similar to instant coffee machines, in that they offer a range of coffee drinks and hot water for tea with very little maintenance and cleaning. Typically they only require a water connection and power supply. Filter coffee machines are perfect for those who are in the market for a premium coffee offering without the daily maintenance and lower cup cost than that of the bean to cup machine.

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Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup coffee machines are what we have become accustomed to as consumers, whether it be from cafes or convenience forecourts. Choosing to buy a bean to cup coffee machine means that the quality of coffee is one of the most important factors for you. Bean to cup coffee machines allow you to offer employees or customers top quality drinks and the flexibility to try a number of different coffee beans to find what you love. However, bean to cup coffee machines will use fresh milk, so you may need additional space for a fridge unit and also the machine may require daily cleaning to ensure drinks are fresh.

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It is important to really consider the practical points we have highlighted above when choosing which commercial coffee machine is suited best for you and your business. Ask yourself if convenience (instant) is more important than quality (bean to cup), or are you in the middle (filter)?

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